How to Choose a Hungry Niche market

niche market In this blog post you’ll discover how to find and then choose a hungry christian niche market. How to find what people in your hungry niche market is buying and then implement a strategy to serve your market. Simply put, your in for a crash course finding hungry niche markets that you can build a list and profits if you desire.
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The Great Blog Debate

blogs comparisons

The Great Blog Debate:

Blogger VS. Self Hosted Platforms

There has been some debate when it comes to  blog platforms such as Google’s blogger, Type pad and  word verses Self hosted blogging platforms. In this discussion your going to discover what the two platforms are and why if your in business you need to have…



Self-Hosted or a Third-Party Blog?

More than likely if you have a business you already have a domain name and hosting. From the start, it’s pretty clear I am for “self hosted” blog platforms. Nonetheless, let me share with you why this is important…

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Brokers- Get Subscribers Begging For More

Brokers- Get  Subscribers Begging For More


Just as an experiment, I  subscribed to ten different real estate opt-in e-mail marketing lists to see which ones are effective. Many real estate Brokers and agents alike have resorted to sending promotional materials to people who have subscribed to their list in an effort to boost  sales or traffic.

These real estate professionals send newsletters, MLS updates and other promotional materials to their active list who have agreed to double opt-in to get these updates. Are you doing the same with your marketing efforts?

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