What is your #1 Traffic Source?

I ask a few top marketers that I follow on Twitter what is your #1 traffic source? The following is their answers. Warning! The tips and checklist following each answer are mine.

jim_cockrumMy #1 source of traffic is my mailing list of loyal followers… My “SilentJim.com” audience. They found me by word of mouth and my ebook Silent Sales Machine.



TampaSEO my #1 source of traffic is social media sites like twitter, facebook and myspace. Follow Tampa SEO on twitter.

Easy SEO Basics

To use search engine optimization, you need to first find out which exact words and phrases your market is typing into search engines. You can do this by typing in your broad keywords (like “homeschooling”) into a tool like WordTracker.com.


Tip: Your goal is to choose longtail keywords, which are typically four or five word phrases. These keywords have very little competition in the search engines, which makes them easy to rank for. Look for WordTracker.com KEI (keyword effectiveness index) values of at least 100 – but 200, 300 or more is better.


Now choose one of your keywords and write a blog post around it. Be sure to include the keyword in the title of your post, as well as two to three times for every 100 words of content.


So if you have a 400 word post, your keyword should show up within the article eight to twelve times.


Then upload your post to your blog, publish it… and watch the traffic roll in!



NicoleDean Definitely my affiliates. Love them mucho. :) Yours?9:56 AM Mar 18th

My Best affiliate tip

Look for sales page leaks. Sometimes vendors think about their own profits and forget that their strategy hurts their affiliates. For example, a Clickbank.com vendor who put 2Checkout.com payment buttons or encourages customers to call in their orders is stealing commissions from affiliates.

You can avoid this simply by looking over the sales page (and sales process) before becoming an affiliate. Here are the most common sales page leaks:


  • Different payment options that don’t give the affiliate credit.


  • Upsell options that, when chosen, override the affiliate’s cookie (and the affiliate loses the commission).


  • Google AdSense ads on the sales page.


johnhaydon Twitter, Stumbleupon and Google – very close thirds, but in that order.5:31 AM Mar 18th

Twitter Checklist:

  •  Add Three New Posts With Picture.
  •  Add Three New Posts Without Picture.
  • Follow 50 Twitter users per week.
  •  Spend 15 Minutes a day to Reply, Repost, and Retweet posts.
  • Re-post Your Favorites Per week.
  • Test Twitter ads. (Focus on getting followers)

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