3 Ways Turning Comments Into Cash

How to Turn Comments Into Cash


  When you think about how to make money from your blog, most of your attention is generally focused on two things:

  1.    Your blog posts, where you build relationships with readers and perhaps promote offers from time to time.
  2.     The space surrounding these posts (such as the sidebar, header and footer), where you place banners and text ads, and possibly an auto responder forum.

However, what most bloggers fail to realize is that your blog comments offer you yet another way to make money from your blog. Not many bloggers know about this and some may even tell you that comments don’t matter too much to the success of their blogs.   I am here to show you that you can turn these visitor comments into cash using three proven methods.… and in just a moment you will discover not 1 but 3 strategies that you can put into place starting today that has the potential to drive more visitors and even more cash in your bank, Ready? Here we go…

Turn Comments Into Frequently Ask Questions

Ever notice that a lot of your comments are actually questions from readers?   This is particularly true if you post per-sell blog posts, product reviews and comparisons of similar promotional posts. If you are doing your job right, suddenly you’ll find your comment section is flooded with questions.   But here’s the thing: If these blog readers have questions, then you know your other prospects have questions, too. And your other prospects probably have the exact same questions. So what you should do is turn these blog comments into an FAQ (frequently asked question) article. Or if it is on topic with your niche maybe even a page that you can use to overcome buyer objections and eliminate your prospects’ resistance to buying your chosen affiliate product.   If you own the product you’re promoting, then you can post this FAQ on your sales site. Otherwise, post a link to this FAQs page whenever you promote the affiliate product! You can even sell advertising strickley your FAQ page or add contextual advertising.


 Comments as Testimonials

Whenever you post about a product, you’re likely to also get plenty of comments from satisfied buyers. Sometimes these buyers will even answer the questions from prospects. And you can bet their answers will be full of praise about the product!

So here’s what you can do: Ask permission to use these testimonials. Then use these pieces of social proof on your sales pages, pre-sell articles and everywhere else you promote your product!

Create a New Tips Article from Comments If you post an informational article (such as a “how to” article or even a tips article), you’re bound to get people replying to your blog post with their own high-quality tips. This will makes great spider bait for search engines.  You can leverage these comments by compiling them into a new article that benefits both you as well as the authors of these tips.

First things first: You need to ask the comment authors for permission to compile their tips. In exchange, you’ll promote their site, products or services within the article. Naturally, you’ll promote your own site, too. Then you post this brand-new article on your blog and encourage the tips contributors to do the same.

However, you should encourage them to share the article on forums, on their Facebook pages and everywhere else that content-sharing is allowed. Because the more all contributors share the article, the more everyone benefits! Most people toss a blog online, publish some content and then wait for the big bucks to roll in. It rarely happens… unless you know all the tips and tricks like the ones I just shared with you.

You have just diacovered how to turn your comments into cash. Now there is only one thing left to do.

Get busy turning your comments into cash.

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